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Current Ongoing Projects
  • Endocavity US Probe Design (Hardware/Software)
  • Telemedicine Equipment Design (sponsored by TÜSEB)
TÜBİTAK 1003 Project led by Özyeğin University

The Acoustics Group is proud to announce a collaborative project led by Professor Göksenin Yaralıoğlu at Özyeğin University. Supported by the "Medical Equipment Technologies" call of the 1003 program for "National Priority Areas" of TÜBİTAK, the project aims the design of a very simple manually scanned A-scan ultrasonic probe for medical ultrasound. The image is expected to be constructed using a smart phone.

Conceptual probe image US image on cell phone

The SÜ Acoustics Group will support the project by the design and manufacturing of CMUT based high frequency phased arrays.

Acoustics Group Projects supported by TUBITAK
  • EEEAG-112E048 "System Development for Ultrasound Catheter Ablation"
  • EEEAG-104E067 "Intravenous Ultrasonic Imaging System Design"
  • EEEAG-103E012 "TX/RCV Front-End IC Design For CMUTs" (completed)

Project Chronology

28/03/2013 Reza Pakdaman Zangabad joined the Acosutics Group.
01/10/2012 EEEAG-112E042 launched.
27/04/2007 Successful completion of EEEAG-103E012.
16/01/2007 First successful pulse/echo experiment using 2D array driver.
09/08/2006 Second HV chip taped-out (AMS 0.35um).
01/09/2005 Ülkühan Ekinciel joins the Acoustics Group.
16/03/2005 Acoustics Group kick-off meeting for IVUS Project.
16/02/2005 First HV chip taped-out (AMS 0.8um).
25/11/2004 TUBITAK announces support for EEEAG-104E067.
01/09/2003 EEEAG-103E012 launched.